Yaktrax Pro
Traction 360XTR Extreme Outdoor TractionYaktrax Walker

Yaktrax gives you instant confidence and safety in snowy or icy walking conditions. Try out a pair of Yaktrax.  You'll feel the same solid, predictable grip you're accustomed to feeling on dry surfaces. And unlike other shoe traction devices, Yaktrax won't damage carpets or most flooring material.

Yaktrax Pro

  • Heavy duty rust resistant steel coils
  • Highly nick & tear resistant outer band
  • Removable performance strap

Used by: Postal Carriers, Military, Utilities Workers

Traction 360o

  • Adapts to most footwear
  • Oil & gas resistant
  • Patented non-slip design

Used by: Janitors, Factory Workers, Food Processors

XTR Extreme Outdoor Traction

  • Secure fit down to -41°F
  • Durable & lightweight
  • Anti-snow pack plate

Used by: Loggers, Fire/Rescue, Road Crews, Winter Resort Workers

Yaktrax Walker

  • Lightweight & user friendly
  • Easy on/off
  • Adapts to most footwear

Used by: Lite Duty Workers, Walkers, Business Men/Women

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