VYTAC™ Chemical Neutralizers

VYTAC in useVYTAC in useMercury Spill Kit

The use of  VYTAC spill neutralizing products is very important in the proper treatment and subsequent handling of hazardous material spills and process wastes.

By integrating VYTAC Neutralizers into your response program you can:

  • Simplify and minimize the risk of handling hazardous cleanup waste
  • Minimize the use of absorbents
  • Enhance spill site safety
  • Reduce workers' exposure

VYTAC is for acids, alkalis, formaldehyde, mercury, sodium hypochlorate solutions, hydrogen peroxide solutions, radioactive liquid, glutaraldehyde and is a vapour suppressant for highly flammable liquids.

Available in:

ACX-1 - Powder for Acids, 4 kg
ACX-2 - Powder for Acids, 22.7 kg Pail
ACX-4 - Powder for Acids, 1 kg

ACXL-1 - Liquid for Acid Spills, 22.7 L Pail
ACXL-3 - Liquid for Acid Spills, 4.5 L
ACXL-4 - Liquid for Acid Spills, 1 L

ATF-1 - No Gas Liquid for Acids, 4.5 L
ATF-2 - No Gas Liquid for Acids, 22.7 L Pail
ATF-4 - No Gas Liquid for Acids, 1 L

CSL-1 - Liquid for Alkali Spills, 22.7 L Pail
CSL-3 - Liquid for Alkali Spills, 4.5 L
CSL-4 - Liquid for Alkali Spills, 1 L

CSP-1 - Powder for Alkali Spills, 22.7 kg Pail
CSP-3 - Powder for Alkali Spills, 3.7 kg
CSP-4 - Powder for Alkali Spills, .9 kg

MIS-1 - Mercury Spill Kit
( please visit this item under our spill kit section at spilldepot.com/content/mercury-spill-kit )
MIS-2 - Powder for Mercury, 2.5 kg Bottle
MIS-4 - Powder for Mercury, 750 gr

MVS-1 - Mercury Vapor Suppressant, 600 gr Bottle
MVS-2 - Mercury Vapor Suppressant, 7 kg Pail

CONTXP - BioHazard absorbent, 1 kg

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