The Bung Access Ultra Funnel allows access to the 3/4" drum bung. Installation of our pop-up liquid level guage in the 3/4" bung allows visual monitoring of waste level in the drum and helps you plan ahead for drum removal. It also eliminates the mess caused by overfilling. 

Available in:

0482 - Ultra-Bung Access Funnel with Spout (Unique zig-zag channeled surface diffuses splashing)
0484 - Ultra-Bung Access Funnel with Hinged Cover, with Spout (Keeps dirt and unwanted materials out of waste stream; lockable for secure drum management)


Burp Free Funnel features a built-in vent. No more splashing or "burping" when pouring liquids.

  • Threaded brass insert screws into 2" drum bung or tank cap
  • All polyethylene construction
  • Hinged, lockable lid prevents unauthorized access

Available in:

0651 - Ultra-Burp Free Funnel, Free
0656 - Ultra-Burp Free Funnel, Large

Global Funnel securely fits nearly every 55-gallon tighthead steel or polyethylene drum manufactured throughout the world. This "one of a kind" funnel features eight (8) locator feet with four (4) different centers around its lower circumference. These design elements allow the Ultra-Global Funnel to fit tightly on drums with varying diameters. No more wobbles or tips.

  • Rugged, polyethylene funnel offers a 22" wide "target", eliminating overspills which commonly occur with conical funnels
  • Patented, zig-zagged pouring surface quickly settles liquids as they are being poured
  • Horseshoe design feature allows installation of a Pop Up Fill Guage - Allows accurate monitoring of liquid level inside the drum to prevent messy overfilling
  • Lockable cover prevents contamination of contents

Available in:

0497 - Ultra-Global Funnel with Spout
0499 - Ultra-Global Funnel with Hinged Cover with Spout


9985 - Pop Up Fill Gauge
0498 - Snap On Cover

Open Head Funnel, an all polyethylene funnel that can be used on 55 gallon open head steel or poly drums.

  • Replaces drum lid allowing convenient drum access for pouring, collecting rags, soiled absorbents, etc.
  • Molded base fits securely onto drum - Thumb screws quickly tighten for added security
  • Hinged cover is lockable

Available in:

0460 - Ultra Open Head Funnel (For drums 22 1/4" - 23 1/2" dia.)


0305 - Parts Screen

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