Type II Steel Safety Cans offer additional convenience with two opening at the top. One opening is equipped with a flexible metal hose for smooth, accurate pouring into small apertures. A second opening is positioned behind the handle used for filling.

  • Swinging handle to ease carrying a full, heavy can
  • Both openings are equipped with dual-density flame arresters which reliably dissipate heat to prevent flashback ignition
  • Both openings self-close to prevent spillage and the rear opening automatically vents between 3 and 5 psig to guard against pressure build-up at elevated temperatures and potential explosion
  • Durable, high gloss powder paint finish resists solvents, acids and alkalies and minimizes the effects of corrosion and humidity
  • Rugged 24-gauge premium coated steel construction is chemically resistant to handle gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene and a variety of other chemicals
  • Reinforcing ribs strengthen the side walls for extra protection in tough environments
  • 100% leak tested
  • 100% lead-free steel body and handle

Available Colors:

  • Red is the most widely used choice for flammable liquids
  • Blue cans are frequently used for the storage of kerosene
  • Yellow cans can be used to designate the storage of diesel fuel
  • Green cans are often used for the storage of oils

Available Sizes:

Red Safety Cans - 1 to 5 gallons
Blue Safety Cans - 2 to 5 gallons
Yellow Safety Cans - 2 to 5 gallons
Green Safety Cans - 2 to 5 gallons


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