TurboFlare is the strongest, safest, brightest and the only 24Hr electronic flare in the world.

  • TurboFlare's body and lens are constructed entirely of Dupont's Surlyn, a unique ionomer class material designed with unbelievable strength and chemical resistance.
  • Rugged, reliable and very economical
  • Uses 20 extremely bright light emitting diodes (LED's) to create a rotating, highly visible light source, effective even from a great distance
  • Flares won't distort a pilot's night vision at close range
  • Operates from 17-20 continuous hours once flare is fully charged
  • Designed to be used in extreme weather conditions
  • Weatherproof, shockproof and vibration proof
  • Resistant to gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, oil, road salts and chlorine

TurboFlare is used by police, firemen, rescue, military and hazardous material response teams,at helicopter emergency landing zones, refineries, public utilities, during building evacuations and on public transportation.

Available in:

TF-WORKS-8R - Portable Emergency Lighting Kit, Red. Includes: 8 Red Units, Deployment Case, TFS-8 12V DC Power Supply & TF-CS-C Cigarette Lighter Adapter. (Amber TF-WORKS-8A)

TF-WORKS-6R-W/P - Portable Emergency Lighting Kit. Includes: 6 Red Units with Turbo-Pennants, Deployment Case, TFS-8 12V DC Power Supply & TF-CS-C Cigarette Lighter Adapter. (Amber TF-WORKS-6A-W/P)

TF-4R-CS - 4 TurboFlare Red with Charging Unit (Amber TF-4A-CS)

TF-SOS-8PK-R-W/P - 8 TurboFlare "SOS" Red in Deployment Case with set of 8 Turbo-pennants. (Amber TF-SOS8PK-A)

RF-SOS-SNOLIFT-8 - 8 Polycarbonate 10" Pedestals with 7½" Diameter Black Base

SOS-TP-8 - 8 Reflective Orange Turbo-pennants

TS-12-R/G - TS-12 Hand Held Traffic Signal 16 1/2" Red/Green

TF-TTP-3R - Triple Turbo Pack 3 Red TurboFlare 360 with Case

SOS-AQP - Aquapack - 10" x 10" 12 mm Vinyl Floating Bag

TurboFlare/TurboFlare "SOS" are available with infrared LED's.

TurboFlare/TurboFlare "SOS" Helicopter Landing Zone Kits are available with blue and green (HazMat) wind direction markers.

Turbo-pennants are available with TF-WORKS-6R-W/P and TF-SOS-8PK-R-W/P only.


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