Tri Skimmer

Tri Skimmer
Tri SkimmerTri SkimmerTri SkimmerTri SkimmerTri Skimmer

The Tri Skimmer is a highly efficient skimmer designed to remove oil that is floating on water.  The Tri Skimmer can be used anywhere that oil is to be removed from surface of water.  It has the capacity to remove approximately 98% pure oil.  A single bank unit has the capacity to remove between 5 and 20 tons of oil per hour and a two-bank unit has the capacity to remove between 21 and 44 tons per hour.

  • The skimming modules are easily changed from disc, to drum, and to the brush module
  • Stand alone or on-board pump (detachable) is used for effective pumping of viscous fluids and maximum versatility
  • Rugged all aluminum construction, powder coated for high visibility
  • Various sizes and capacities are available.  The desired recovery rate will determine the number of skimmer banks needed
  • Hydraulically driven with a choice of diesel, gasoline or electric power packs


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