TerraTex Nonwoven Geotextiles

Designed and manufactured for construction applications. Geotextile products are engineered to provide cost-effective solutions to meet specific design requirements for separation, reinforcement, filtration, drainage, and protection applications. Geotextiles are available in a variety of structures and polymer compositions designed to meet a wide range of applications. It is important that all geotextiles be composed of strong, durable, chemically inert polymeric materials that are resistant to the effects of site-specific ground conditions, weather, and aging.






                                                                      PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS
TerraTex NO3 & NO4   Standard drainage geotextiles that meet or exceed commonly specified DOT and commercial drainage protection requirements.
TerraTex SD & NO4.5   Extra-strength drainage geotextiles designed for applications requiring high water permeability and burst resistance.
TerraTex SO4   Spunbond geotextile effective in in many drainage protection and separation/stabalization applications. Has high tensile strength.
TerraTex LBF, PU1.5 & NS4   Lightweight polyester/polypropylene geotextiles which meet commonly specified requirements for leach field protection, pipe wrap, and light-duty drainage protection.
TerraTex NO5, NO6, NO7, NO8, N10, N12 & N16   Heavyweight geotextiles for multiple applications: embankment protection, erosion control, ground stabalization, geomembrane underline, railroad bed stabalization, heavy duty drainage protection, and separation.
TerraTex OL   Paving geotextile designed to retard reflective cracking and extend the life of asphalt overlays. Meets commonly specified requirements.
TerraTex WC   Water permeable geotextile which reduces weed growth while allowing plants to be watered and the soil to breathe. Is UV resistant.


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