Stardust is processed from an inert, inorganic mineral called amorphous aluminum silicate. Due to the amorphous structure of Stardust particles, a tremendous amount of surface tension is provided when compared to their volume and this contributes to the exceptional, absorption qualities of the product.

Stardust instantly absorbs all kinds of liquids/semi-liquids of any viscosity off any hard surface, leaving that surface clean and dry.

  • 7 to 20 times the absorption capacity of clay-based products
  • Non selective - eliminates the need to stock a wide variety of absorbents
  • Light weight
  • Environmentally safe and friendly - non injurious to humans, animals, plants, soil, concrete, asphalt or tile
  • Non-carcinogenic and does not cause silicosis
  • USDA approved for use in food processing plants
  • Non-leaching
  • Reduces cost of clean-up, labour and materials
  • Reduces disposal costs

Available in:

ENP D225 - Stardust, 25 lbs. Bag
ENP D503CS - Stardust, 3 lbs. Dispenser

*Do not use with hydrofluoric acid.

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