Ev-N-Spread All Season Spreader

Spreaders are useful tools to assist in the application of winter ice melt over various outdoor areas of your business. The size of the area needing to be covered will dictate which type of spreader you will need. The benefits of using spreaders include:

  • Easy flow application of ice melter
  • Less mess than spreading by hand
  • More accurate coverage
  • Faster application

There are three basic types of spreaders available to apply de-icers. These include broadcast, bottomdrop, and hand-held. Each type has advantages. Broadcast spreaders enable the user to cover very large areas, such as wide walkways or parking lots. Bottom-drop spreaders are ideal for smaller confined areas, such as normal-sized sidewalks, or areas with sensitive vegetation near the pavement. Lightweight hand-held spreaders are ideal for very small areas and steps.

Don't risk having someone slip and fall outside of your business because you didn't adequately apply your winter ice melt!

Products available: 

Ev-N-Spread All Season Broadcast Spreader (#5499700) (image shown)


  • Rate control is located in the handle for convenient use
  • Heavy-duty frame supports up to 175 lbs
  • 13" dia. pneumatic tires are on rust-proof rims
  • Super-duty gearbox has enclosed gears
  • High-adjustable handle
  • 3,360 cu. in. capacity

Mountaineer 75 Broadcast Spreader (image not shown)

  • Large hopper capacity up to 75lbs
  • Industrial, heavy duty spreader components
  • Extra grip, pneumatic winter tires
  • Ice melter flow control
  • Easy to assemble
  • Hopper screen equipped to prevent pouring in "clumped" ice melter that could block or damage the spreader

Mountaineer-Lite Spreader (image not shown)

  • A portable spreader that can be strapped to the chest
  • Simple to use
  • Easy access for hard to reach icy areas
  • Very sturdy and resilient
  • 25 lbs capacity

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