ROC Barrier

ROC Barrier
ROC BarrierROC BarrierROC Barrier

The ROC Barrier is the first of its kind to be recycled with oil during the cleanup process.

The ROC Barrier is the world's fastest response system designed to contain spilled oil in open waters.   It is a deployable buoy with 1,000 ft. of sorbent barrier inside.  The film laminate (a patent-pending product used in the ROC Barrier) is an oleophilic (oil attracting) olefin-type substrate similar to polyethylene film.  It has a thickness of just .0005".  This laminate film is capable of adsorbing the spilled oil it is intended to contain.  With its compact size of less than 10 lb. in weight and dimensions of 22" L x 8" W x 8" H, the ROC Barrier is small enough to store anywhere and is easily access.  The film laminate is tossed from the back of any small watercraft at speeds in excess of 30 m/hr creating a barrier around the forming oil slick or spill.  As the film laminate lands in the water, the friction of the water holds it in place.  While the watercraft circles the perimeter of the oil spill, the film laminate continuously streams from the dispenser to immediately start adsorbing the oil, pulling 47.3 - 125.7 times its weight.  As the pockets of the film laminate fill, it creates even more buoyancy which is crucial in rough water.  Final remediation is then done using existing remediation methods.



Check out the environmental breakthrough that is the ROC BarrierTM in the following video.

In this video, you will notice how the ROC (Rapid Oil Containment) BarrierTM ensures the rapid response and containment of oil spills unlike anything used in the marketplace today.


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