RainDrain Filter
RainDrain FilterRainDrain Filter

The RainDrain Filter automatically removes rainfall and water collected in the Insta-Berm through gravity drainage while retaining hydrocarbons and contaminants inside the berm.

  • Filtration elements stop all target contaminants, acting as a hydrocarbon selective unit
  • Easy installation within minutes
  • Ball valve with sight glass to monitor liquid levels and content
  • Flow capacity: two gallons per minute
  • Hydro-carbon capacity: 1.5 gallons (slow flow) to two gallon (shutoff)
  • Housing: extruded aluminum tubing (36" in length)
  • Discharge end - neoprene molded cap with 3/8" discharge port
  • Feed end - neoprene molded with 3/4" camlock inlet
  • Components include: filter casing, spare filter media, 8' chemical hose with camlock fittings, one bulkhead fitting for the berm, ball valve with hose, sightglass and camlock fitting

Available in:

IBMKF0618 - 18" RainDrain, Capacity 0.5 USG, Flow Rate 0.32 USG/min, Dimensions 6" dia x 18" L, Weight 13 lbs.
IBMKF0636 - 36" RainDrain, Capacity 2 USG, Flow Rate 0.32 USG/min, Dimensions 6" dia x 36" L, Weight 26 lbs.
IBMPH0758 - Hose, Oil Drain 3/4" x 8'
PLA075C - Nipple 3/4" Close Aluminum
IBMPS075 - Strainer Leaf 3/4" c/w 3/4" Close Nipple
IBMPH075S - Sight Glass Assembly c/w Valve
IBRDC18 - Cartridge Filter RainDrain 18"
IBMKF0618 - RainDrain Filter Assembly 18" Complete
IBRDC36 - Cartridge Filter RainDrain 36"
IBMKF0636 - RainDrain Filter Assembly 36" Complete
PLP067 - Bulkhead Fitting 3/4" NPT

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