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Rail Mat - Inside and Outside
Rail Mat - Inside and OutsideRail Mat - Unrolling InsideRail Mat - Unrolling InsideRail MatRail Mat - BackingRail Mat

Protect railway yards and other transportation facilities from oil leaks during maintenance with heavy-duty, durable rail mats. Designed to fit between and alongside railway tracks, these 100% pure polypropylene absorb oil-based spills and repel water-based liquids.


  • 3 layer construction provides for the strongest, most durable oil-only sorbent that we offer.
  • Will not fall apart even when subjected to heavy saturation and/or foot traffic over time.
  • Designed to fit inside standard railroad tracks.
  • Designed specifically to absorb oils/fuels, not water, during railyard maintenance

Available in:

RAIL-58:  Railroad Mat, Inside Roll - 58" x 100' - 1 roll/bag
RAIL-19:  Railroad Mat, Outside Roll - 19" x 100' - 2 roll/bag


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