Rag Rug Rolls

Rag Rug Roll

Rag Rug Rolls - Gray Universal

Made from 100% recylced materials and offering great value, rag rugs are often used in high traffic areas where some absorbency is required. The underside is fused to increase slip resistance and allow it to lay flat.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rugs are ideal to place in areas where overspray, leaks, drips and spills can occur.
  • Absorbs oil, water, hydraulic fluid, coolants, solvents and many other liquids without the industrial rag rugs looking dirty.
  • Industrial Rugs are a very durable anti-fatigue product.
Format Weight Size


Weight /
Cases /
Part Number
Split Rolls Heavy 18" x 150' 2 50 lbs 12 Rag Rug SR 36
Rag Rug Rolls Heavy 36" x 150' 1 50 lbs 12 Rag Rug 36


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