Q-VAC 100X

Q-VAC 100X
Q-VAC 100XQ-VAC 100X

Q-VAC 100X is a wet vacuum designed to clean up flammable liquids. It is air driven with no electrical parts. Easy to use and highly reliable, the Q-VAC 100X pumps liquid directly into a standard 55 gallon top drum for convenient storage or recycling. This entire unit is grounded from floor tool to the hooded Venturi as the only danger of explosion comes from static electricity build up and discharge. The connection fittings and floor tools are made of conductive aluminum. The hose uses conductive wire and the wand is constructed of plated steel. Combined with the Venturi and drum lid, they form a complete circuit which sheds any static electricity to a ground via one spring loaded alligator clamp (attached by the user to a reliable ground). A liquid overflow shutoff valve ensures vacuum automatically turns off when the drum is full.

  • Minimizes the use of absorption materials
  • Fits on a standard 55 gallon closed top drum
  • Requires no filters
  • No moving parts to break or replace

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