Premium Bulb Eater

Bulb Eater

The Premium Bulb Eater system not only crushes standard T12 fluorescent lamps, but also U-Shape fluorescent lamps, this provides emission control to help create the safest work environmental possible.

  • Exceeds both OSHA and ACGIH standards for mercury vapour
  • Includes a system designed to filter both dust and mercury vapour
  • The unit is equipped with a side-mounted, dust filter unit containing the highest quality H.E.P.A filter available.  This works in conjunction with an activated carbon filter located in the steel canister.  The activated carbon filter actively captures and neutralizes the mercury vapour released from the lamps during crushing
  • Crushes standard T12 fluorescent lamps as well as U-Shape fluorescent lamps.  Removable adapters are available for the T8 and T17 diameter lamps
  • Each 55 gallon container holds roughly 875 T12 4', 1350 T8 4', 475 T12 8', and 475 U-Shape lamps
  • This lid-only assembly is easily moved from drum to drum
  • Heavy duty, 120 v.a.c., 1 Amp, 1/6th h.p. UL/CSA approved motor crushes lamps in roughly one second or less

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