Poly Safetypack
Poly Safetypack Plus

Poly-Safetypacks are a safe, secure two drum storage. These tough, indoor/outdoor performers protect two 55-gallon drums while containing leaks with a 130 gallon sump capacity. Drum access and removal is easy with the unique, gull-wing covers.

  • Security locks are included to secure the contents stored inside
  • 100% polyethylene
  • Resistance to chemicals and weather
  • Translucent sidewalls allow for an immediate view of contents in case of leaks
  • Forkliftable/pallet jack

Available in:

2038-YE - Poly Safetypack
Exterior Dimensions: 60.5" L x 37.25" W x 45.75" H
Interior Dimensions:
52.37" L x 26.25" W x 37" H
Weight: 103 Lbs

2038-YE-D - Poly Safety pack with Drain

Poly-Safetypack Plus provides the same results as the Poly Safetypack, with one key advantage, the 54.25" inside height. This allows the lids to be closed with the pumps in place to create a versatile pumping station where the convenience of leaving the pumps installed is important. Sump capacity of 264 gallons.

Available in:

2077-YE - Poly Safetypack Plus
Exterior Dimensions: 60.25" L x 34.13" W x 64" H
Interior Dimensions:
51.25" L x 26.25" W x 54.25" H
Weight: 137 Lbs

2077-YE-D - Poly Safetypack Plus with Drain


2200-BK - Poly Safetypack Caster Frame. (For easy transportation of Poly-Safetypack and Poly-Safetypack Plus).

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