Poly-Rack System

Poly Rack Systems
Poly Rack SystemsPoly Rack Systems

Poly-Rack Systems consists of the following:

The Poly-Racker is a unique, one-piece polyethylene rack that holds two 55 gallon drums securely in place.

  • Massive 100-plus gallon containment sump ensures spill safety even in worst-case drum leaks
  • Deep dispensing well easily holds 5 gallon pails while containing incidental spills and splashes in a ribbed bottom without contaminating the sump.
  • Two drain plugs standard
  • Forkliftable

The Poly-Stacker holds two 55 gallon drums and can be quickly stacked with a forklift. Any spills from the second and third levels fall into the dispensing well for containment and easy clean up.

Poly-Shelf easily attaches to a Poly-Stacker and allows simultaneous dispensing from all drums. A hole in the bottom of the Poly-Shelf drains into the dispensing well of the Poly-Racker.

Single Poly\-Rack System is an economical, space-saving solution to storing and dispensing from 55 gallon drums.

  • Consists of separate single Poly Racker, Single Poly-Stacker, Universal Well Liner and Poly-Shelf
  • System holds 1600 lbs

Multi-Purpose Racker/Stacker maximizes floor space.

  • Holds up to two 55 gallon drums
  • Forkliftable

Available in:

6000-YE - Poly-Racker
6002-YE - Poly-Stacker
6003-YE - Poly-Shelf
6004-YE - Multi-Purpose Racker/Stacker
6005-BK - Universal Well Liner
6006-YE - Single Poly-Racker
6007-YE - Single Poly-Stacker

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