Poly Collectors
Poly Collectors

The Poly-Collector portable, hazardous materials collection system puts mobility into containment so you can go where the waste is.

  • Built tough from UV stabilized polyethylene for excellent chemical resistance to a broad range of industrial materials.
  • Equipped with the unique Universal Poly-Drum Funnel to prevent over-spills while allowing multiple oil filters, pails, and cans to drain at once.
  • Ideal for collecting waste oil, antifreeze and chemicals
  • The Poly-Collector 110 outer shell holds 105 gallons, with an inner drum that holds 55 gallons. A twist-on lid ensures safe and easy closure.
  • The Poly-Collector 66 outer shell holds 66 gallons while the inner drum holds 55 gallons.

Available in:

8001-YE (With Steel Drum) - Poly Collector 66
8002-YE (With Poly Drum) - Poly Collector 66
8075-YE (Shell Only) - Poly Collector 66
8080-YE (With Poly Drum) - Poly Collector 110
8081-YE (With Steel Drum) - Poly Collector 110
8050-BU - Drum Dolly


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