Peristaltic Pump

900 Series Peristaltic Pump
900 Series Peristaltic Pump900 Series Peristaltic Pump900 Series Peristaltic Pump900 Series Peristaltic Pump

Keco’s 900 Series Peristaltic Pump is a self-priming, rotating positive displacement pump. Two rollers progressively crush a tubular element confined within the housing. The alteration between compression and relaxation of the tubular element generates tremendous suction and impressive discharge pressures. The contents being pumped only comes in contact with the inner wall of the thick hose.

  • Large clear viewing window
  • Direct drive gearbox (no couplers, belts or pulleys)
  • Leak detector/over-current shutdown
  • Pulsation dampening technology with vacuum relief
  • Stainless steel pump frame, cast aluminum pump housing
  • Efficient roller technology, maintenance free, no rotor or shoes
  • Heavy duty triple nylon reinforced internal hose
  • Dry pump cavity for simplified serviceability and winterization
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel hardware and epoxy coating
  • Self priming design technology

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