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Pacto Toilet
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Pacto Toilets are the most versatile toilets on the market, requiring neither water nor electricity to operate.  Instead, a patented packaging mechanism encapsulates the waste after each use, which means that the toilet is always fresh, hygienic and odor-free.  Because of its unique function, Pacto Toilets can be used virtually anywhere in the world and in any climate. 

  • No water needed
  • No sewerage needed
  • No electricity needed
  • No direct contact with waste matter
  • High level of hygiene
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to transport

Pacto Toilets are used in:

  • Remote camps for scientific projects, resource explorations, drilling crews and environmental cleanups
  • Mines
  • National park resorts
  • Ski areas
  • Cottages
  • Field camps and field hospitals
  • Military operations
  • Emergency preparedness for natural disasters


Depth: 484 mm
Width: 483 mm
Height: 415 mm
Weight: 16 kg

Available as:

01011 - Pacto Toilet


03600 - Pacto Podium
03021 - Pacto Low Profile Cover Lid
04001 - Pacto Flush Foil/Cassettes Type A, 5/pk (200 flushes/cassette)
04010 - Pacto Collecting Bags, 150 bg/bx

01006 - Pacto Collapsible Mount
6370-002 - Porta-Privy Privacy Bathroom Tent Shelter (48" x 48" x 84" H) - not exactly as shown

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