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Rely on the Onion Tank for storage of drinking water in remote locations and emergency situations. This large open top tank is constructed of heavy duty urethane coated fabric, which is approved for potable water. Complete with a top cover (to prevent evaporation and contamination), the Onion Tank is fully collapsible and easily transportable.

  • No assembly required - the self supporting design allows for quick set up and knock down times
  • Completely collapsible - the Onion Tank can be easily folded, taking up minimal storage space
  • Deployment anywhere - the low profile of the Onion Tank provides stability on slopes up to 12.5 degrees allowing deployment with minimal site preparation

Product Features:

  • The unique flotation collar requires no inflation and is capable of supporting a hose when the top is filling
  • The fitted top cover is firmly held in place by shock cord straps, providing easy installation and placement - allowing for inspection and minimizing contamination
  • Handles on the outside of the tank allow for quick set up and easy lifting
  • A handle on the inside of the tank allows it to be opened inside out for easy cleaning
  • Two 2" fill/drain ports 180 degrees apart provide the capability to discharge liquid quickly from either side of the tank
  • Flange and abrasion covers provide solid protection of the drain ports

Fabric Options:

  • AQUA-SHIELD - 24 oz. Mil-Spec (PD-53048)
  • AQUA-SHIELD - 30 oz. NSF approved for potable water storage
  • AQUA-SHIELD - 32 oz. Mil-Spec (Mil-T-53029C)

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