Needle Punch Rolls

Needle Punch Roll
Needle Punch Roll

Needle Punch Rolls Dark-Gray Universal

  • Constructed from a single layer of synthetic fibers
  • Absorb both oil- and water-based fluids


  • Heavy-duty needle punch is heat set for long-lasting service
  • Dark-gray color hides dirt longer than standard black products, so roll can stay in service longer
  • Withstand forklift and foot traffic


Use pads in narrow spaces or simply lay out long rolls alongside machines, on sidewalks or wherever you need heavy-duty, absorbent rugs. Use rolls to cover long areas quickly.



Format Weight Size


Weight /
Cases /
Part Number
Needle Punch Rolls Heavy 36" x 150' 1 45 lbs 12 1NPR36150
Needle Punch Rolls Light 36" x 300' 1 45 lbs 12 3NPR36300



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