Mini-Stacker™ (top half)

Mini Stacker™
Mini Stacker™ (top half of unit)Mini Stacker™

The Mini Racker-Stacker™ System (see top half of photo) is ideal for storage and dispensing of small containers with built-in spill protection and patented enclosed sump. The system has a mobility option to make movement in the plant environment safe and easy too. The Mini Racker-Stacker™ System helps save liquids that are routinely lost during the dispensing process and helps protect worker safety by keeping the dispensing area neat and clean.

The Mini Racker Stacker™ System consists of the base Racker that will hold two x 5-6.5 USG metal or plastic lidded pails or cans, or two x 5 USG or smaller metal or plastic “jerry cans”. The Racker module is available in two versions: 'Place and Use' (6010-YE) and 'Mobile' (6011-YE-M), which includes wheels and a handle. The Stacker module can be used in conjunction with the Racker to add an extra level of storage, or separately with another containment solution to mix-and-match the user’s specific need.

Made of highly durable and chemically compatible polyethylene, ENPAC’s Mini Racker-Stacker™ System is equipped with a patented enclosed sump so that spills are truly portable, and the user isn’t “stuck” when a spill occurs. Stacker locks securely on to racker or another stacker for convenience.

Available as:

6012-YE - Mini-Stacker
31.5" L x 19.5" W x 18" H
Weight: 15.5 lbs
Handling Capacity: 100 lbs

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