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Lanyards are used to reduce impact of a fall and come with such features as shock absorbing, single or twin leg, fall restraint, and self-retracting. Shock absorbing lanyards are used when a freefall distance exceeds two feet. Single and twin leg lanyards are similar in purpose to a shock absorbing lanyard but are for the construction industry and aerial lifts, respectively. Often with a twin lanyard, the second strap, or backup strap, is used for added protection. Single leg lanyards can be adjustable in length, from four to six feet in length.

Fall restraint lanyards are used when the fall distance is two feet or less. They are for travel restriction and stabilization of a worker at an elevation. Self-retracting lanyards, or “lifelines,” are used in climbing instances to allow for freedom of movement but to limit freefall.

In choosing the correct lanyard, you must keep the application in mind. Make certain the lanyard is the proper length to allow the necessary worker movement and positioning. Also, be sure to choose the right material type necessary, depending on the work environment. There are two primary types of lanyards:

  • Shock-absorbing Lanyards - Extend deceleration distance during a fall, significantly reducing fall arresting forces by 65 to 80 percent (below the threshold of injury)
  • Restraint (Positioning) Lanyards - Used for restraint or positioning. Often also used in instances when fall distance is less than 2 to 3 feet

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