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The costs faced to dispose of waste are escalating. Incineration has proved to be the most effective way of eradicating this problem. The Incinerators are designed to burn all kinds of waste such as medical, poultry, pig farm, wood/paper, camp waste, veterinary, sheep, kennel, industrial waste and catering waste.

  • Virtually smoke & smell free
  • High temperature, refractory lining gives excellent heat retention
  • Quick heat up times & high burn rates
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Compliance with EU Animal By-products Regulation (EC) No#1774/2002
  • CE certified

Different Standard Models:

(SEC) - Incinerator which has a high temperature secondary burner/chamber

(A) - Incinerator which has a 2 second gas retention time

(A)2 - Incinerator which has a 2 second gas retention time and secondary burner, suitable for special risk materials

Available in:

A200 - Incinerator, 100 kg Capacity

A400 - Incinerator, 200 kg Capacity

A600 - Incinerator, 300 kg Capacity

A850 - Incinerator, 400 kg Capacity

A1600 - Incinerator, 750 kg Capacity

A2600 - Incinerator, 1200 kg Capacity

60 - Incinerator, 60 kg Capacity

P16 - Incinerator, 200 kg Capacity

P25 - Incinerator, 300 kg Capacity

Mobile Incinerators - Various Capacity

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