HazMat Trailer

This is an inventory list of typical items to include in a Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Trailer.

Contents list includes:

Tools: Shovels (non-sparking & steels), rakes, picks, axe, floor squeegees, non-sparking tools, hammers, pipe wrenches (18" & 24"), crescent wrenches (6", 12" & 18"), pry bar, sledge hammer, tin snips, brooms, hacksaw & blades and hose clamps.

Absorbent Products (oil/universal/HazMat): granular/floor dry, absorbent pads, booms 5" and/or 8", socks 4' & 10', pillows, split rolls, Plug N Dike (granular & premix), chemical neutralizers and epoxy sticks.

Personal Protection: Level A suit, Level B suit, general use Tyvek suits, Saranex chemical resistant suit, SCBA, half face respirators, disposable respirators, chemical splash goggles, chemical resistant gloves, nitrile gloves, rubber boots, hard hats and safety vests.

Accessories: Safety flashlights, generator, flood lights, extension cords, fire extinguisher dry Chem/CO2, barrier tape, duct tape, emergency response guide, plastic quick ties, pocket knife, utility knives, rain gear, poly rope, traffic cones, drain covers, flares and disposal bags.

First Aid: Chemical burn kit, Level 2 first aid kit, eye wash station, blankets, fire blanket, stretcher, artificial respiration mask.

Equipment: Transfer pump, pump hose, pop-pool (150 gal.), decontamination pool & shower, decontamination detergent, scrub brushes, hatch cone unloading device, heavy string, folding HazTank and empty drums/overpacks.

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