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Fuel Easy
Fuel EasyFuel Easy

The Fuel Easy system is a fully collapsible external fuel container for safe and cost efficient fuel transportation. The Fuel Easy's aerodynamic design allows it to be flown at a helicopter's maximum cruise speed while remaining predictable and stable. A cargo load that can change shape in flight can be dangerous, but the Fuel Easy flies safely and holds no surprises in flight. Its rigid frame guarantees that the bladder maintains a symmetrical configuration in the air, so, unlike fuel drums, it does not spin on the hook. When flown at partial loads, the bladder collapses into itself, creating the specific amount of aerodynamic drag necessary to fully stabilize the unit in flight.


  •   Bottom-emptying bladder with standard camlock fittings - reduced fuel wastage, prevents fume hazards
  •   Top-filling with camlock fitting - fuel savings (compared to using drum fuel)
  •   No vapour space - no condensation
  •   No fuel transfer between drums - eliminates fuel contamination
  •   Assembly without tools - easy 5 minute set-up
  •   Pliable and puncture resistant material - usable in low temperatures
  •   Lightweight, compact shipping dimensions - economical storage and transport


  •     Wildland Firefighting
  •     Oil & Gas Exploration
  •     Mineral Exploration
  •     Resupply Operations
  •     Forestry Operations


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