Flotation Coats

MC-1503 T3
Flotation coats are insulated coats that include flotation. They provide warmth and at the same time double as a life jacket that will float a person who falls in the water. Floation coats are recommended for boaters who boat year round in moderate temperatures but where the water stays cold. If you boat in extreme cold temperatures, a flotation coat will not provide enough hypothermia protection if you fall into the water.

Based on the original Mustang Floater Coat, this CSA-compliant High Visibility Flotation Coat is engineered to provide comfort, warmth, and durability. Most importantly, the coat's closed-cell foam insulation will provide flotation and in-water insulation to delay the onset of hypothermia in the event of accidental water immersion.


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Commercial Fishing
First Responders
Homeland Security
Industrial Marine
Law Enforcement
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