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What is Fit Testing?

Many workers deal with conditions that expose them to poisonous gas or airborne contaminants, and may be required to wear personal protective equipment such as Full Face or Half Face Respirators and 95 Masks.

In such instances, it is essential that such equipment be properly fitted to individual users.

We can arrange professional fit-testing services to protect your employees. Experienced technicians, fully trained in using qualitative testing methods, will do convenient onsite mobile fit testing conducted in compliance with occupational health and safety codes and in accordance with CSA standards.

Why  do I need it?

The fit testing is performed to provide you with the respirator that best fits your face.  ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL!

All it takes is approximately 3 minutes per employee to conduct a comprehensive test. It could literally save their lives. It doesn’t matter which industry you are in or how busy you are, you really need to set aside 3 minutes.

The fit test is performed before the employee is required to wear the respirator in the workplace. We suggest you test your new employees as part of  their orientation and then annually thereafter.

It is a legal requirement to have these tests performed  annually, as per WorkSafeBC and Canadian Standards Association guidelines.

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