EcoPolyBlend IBC Outdoor Shed With Pallet

EcopolyBlend IBC Outdoor Shed
EcopolyBlend IBC Outdoor Shed

EcoPolyBlend IBC Outdoor Shed offers reliable and secure outdoor storage for intermediate bulk containers up to 48" W x 48" D x 53" H.

  • Safe outdoor storage for 275 or 330 gal. IBC's
  • High performance, weather resistant design with eco-friendly, 40% polyethylene
  • Large 372 gal. leak proof sump exceeds regulations and protects against high volume spills
  • Two smooth opening roll top doors with handy reach pole, accessible front or back
  • Unique, sturdy IBC pillar supports offer a high load capacity and are removable for easy sump clean-up
  • Lockable, dual closure prevents unauthorized use
  • Forklift pockets in front and back offer easy relocation (when empty)
  • Four anchor bolt locations for wind resistance. Accepts 3/8" (95 mm) bolts (not included)
  • Ship assembled - no wasted set up time

EcoPolyBlend IBC Pallet is ideal for indoor use. Made of 40% recycled, polyethylene, it provides compliance to environmental regulations and helps meet green initiatives. Large 372 gal. corrosion resistant, leak tight sump reliably contains big spills. Sturdy internal pillar supports remove for easy sump cleaning. Forklift pockets front and back make it simple to reposition empty pallet. Dirt-hiding, black body keeps indoor facilities looking clean.

Available in:

28674 - EcoPolyBlend IBC Indoor Pallet, 40% Recycled Material, Sump Capacity 372 gal., 55" W x 55" D x 37 1/2" H
28677 - EcoPolyBlend IBC Outdoor Shed w/Pallet, 40% Recycled Material, Sump Capacity 372 gal., 60 3/4" W x 68 1/2" D x 103 3/4" H
28690 - Replacement Reach Pole
50963A - Set of two No 5, Keyed alike, Master Locks

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