Drop-In Liners

LLDPE Liners
LLDPE LinersLLDPE Liners

Prefabricated Drop-in Liners can be used for many applications. LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) is designed for exposed service and is UV stable. It can be fabricated into large one piece panels then folded and rolled on a hollow core for easy deployment. Liners are shipped on a pallet with simple roll out instructions labelled on each liner. Each project is unique. Please contact us with your required dimensions.


Flexibility - In addition to UV and chemical resistance, LLDPE geomembranes exhibit a high degree of flexibility. Greater flexibility provides increased conformance to subsidence and differential settlement.

Puncture Resistance - High puncture elongation properties make LLDPE liners ideal in applications where conformances to subgrade irregularities increase the possibility of puncture.


• Landfill caps / closures
• Lagoon Liners
• Canal linings
• Pond Liners
• Agriculture Pond Liners
• Mining Heap Leach Pads
• Raw water treatment reservoirs
• Potable water reservoirs
• Retention ponds
• Floating Covers
• Secondary containment for above ground
  storage tanks
• Solutions ponds for mining applications
• Tank linings
• Waste water treatment lagoon

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