Decontamination Units

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The most cost-effective, instant, modular decontamination units and shelters on the market! The De-Con Pac™ can be set up anywhere in all weather conditions as a single unit or staged as a multi-station mass decontamination system.

All standard Pacs are manufactured in “De-Con green.”  These are the same liners you have come to rely on from Andax Industries with the same top quality and durability.

Available in:

Single-Pac: Ideal for decontamination of hazmat personnel
Decontamination isn't only for victims — it's also for the hazmat team! After cleaning up a hazardous material spill, hazmat personnel may need to be decontaminated. This is where our complete Single-Pac™ decontamination unit is an ideal fit.

DCP-050-1-GDe-Con Pac™ - Complete Single-Pac Decontamination Unit – Green

Tri-Pac: Mass decontamination shelter
The complete Tri-Pac™ Decontamination Station gives much more flexibility to adapt to any specific incident: place De-Con Pacs™ at multiple evacuation points. Victims will not have to wait to be decontaminated at a single decon station, and instead will flow in a quick and organized fashion to multiple stations. Decon teams have the ability to separate male and female victims, hazmat personnel and civilians, or casualties by degrees of prioritization. And, they'll have an ability to pre-stage De-Con Pacs™ in areas where large numbers of people gather, such as airports, stadiums, shopping malls, amusement parks and alike. Pre-staging De-Con Pacs™ saves time in setup.

DCP-050-3-GDe-Con Pac™ - Complete Tri-Pac Decontamination Station - Green

Six-Pac: Three-stage decontamination: Disrobe, De-Con, Re-robe
An ideal multi-station decontamination system. Pre-staging allows, in a matter of seconds, two three-stage decon shelters to be ready to use. Victims can disrobe in the first unit, be decontaminated in the middle unit, and finally re-robe in the last unit. Individual De-Con Pacs™ can also be equipped with additional optional features, such as air heaters, hot shower systems, lighting, victim privacy kits, generators, storage and stowing cases and more.

DCP-050-6-GDe-Con Pac™ - Complete Six-Pac Decontamination System - Green

T-Pac: The T-Pac™ with standard liner is designed for ambulatory or non-ambulatory decontamination, particularly where hazmat individuals are personally attending contaminated victims or other hazmat team members. The T-Pac™ consists of four units, three for decontamination: Disrobe, De-Con, Re-robe. The fourth unit, with an extra wide portal, allows hazmat personnel to assist in the decon process, while maintaining victim privacy.

DCP-050-T-GDe-Con Pac™ - Complete T-Pac Decontamination System - Green

T-Pac with XL Liner: The T-Pac™ with extra long (XL) liner, which measures 10 feet in length, is designed to facilitate the decontamination of non-ambulatory patients on a stretcher or backboard. It allows hazmat responders to easily access and slide immobilized victims over a roller system, throughout the decon station, while maintaining victim privacy. It features three shower heads for fast and thorough decontamination.

DCP-050-T-XL-GDe-Con Pac™ - T-Pac De-con System with XL liner - Green
DCP-050-T1-XL-GDe-Con Pac™ - T-Pac De-Con System w/XL Liner plus add'l re-robe unit - Green

Tactical De-Con (with Pelican™ Case): Andax Tactical De-Con Pac™ is a self-contained, puncture-resistant, PVC liner that attaches to an easy-to-open, rugged steel frame with an integrated shower. It can be custom or private labeled for your police or military unit, or your emergency response organization. When seconds make a difference between life and death, the first at the scene must be equipped to begin the decontamination operation immediately. You need instant, portable and expandable decon equipment.

The Pelican™ Case holds the Tactical Pac securely, but is easy to open. Vortex valves automatically equalize pressure inside to the atmosphere outside.  Soft-grip handles operate in any position and heavy-duty in-line wheels ensure easy transport of the Pelican™ Case.

DCP-100-1-TComplete Tactical De-Con Pac™ with Pelican™ Case

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