Countertop Cabinet for Acids-Corrosives

Sure-Grip Safe. Cab, Acid/Corrosives Countertop, Blue

Safe storage for solvent filled drums!

Countertop Cabinets let you customize your work areas and make the most of available space. Whether adding to existing storage space or making chemicals readily available at workstation locations, these smaller-sized cabinets are the solution when space is at a premium.

Justrite blue steel safety cabinets for corrosives have the same quality safety features as the cabinets for flammables. All models come with double-wall construction, dual vents, grounding wire connections, adjustable shelves, leakproof sills, three-point self-latching doors and leveling feet. Self-close door(s) shuts and latches automatically when a fusible link melts at 165°F (74ºC) under fire conditions. Unique, concealed self-closing mechanism offers obstruction-free access to contents.

Additionally, they include polyethylene trays attached to galvanized steel shelves and a separate polyethylene liner for the bottom sump resist aggressive chemicals. Easily remove the liner for quick cleaning of drips and leaks. An all epoxy baked-on powder-coat finish, inside and out, provides increased chemical resistance.

Sure-Grip® EX Model #: 890422

Number Available: One

Material Specifications: 18 Ga CR Steel

Number of Doors and Style: 1 door, self-close

Number of Shelves: 1,  Adjustable

Capacity: 4 gal (15 litres)

Colour: Blue only

Ext. Dimensions H x W x D (inch): 17" W x 22" H x 17" D

Int. Dimensions H x W x D (inch): 13.75" W x 18.5" H x 13.75" D

Approv./Lstg. Regulation: NFPA, OSHA, U (NFPA)

Weight: 69 lbs (31.36 kgs)


PRICE: CAD$345.00 (Tax and shipping extra)

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