ChemKlenz 750 gr shaker
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ChemKlenz®  is a universal chemical absorbent that neutralizes both acids and bases, including HF and a wide variety of hazardous chemicals.

Highly effective response products which are capable of containing and neutralizing a variety of chemical threats in easy to use delivery systems. Originally for military chemical response applications, they now provide safety for employees, students, staff, and property from chemical hazards.

All units are portable. No premixing is required. Easy to operate, compact delivery systems. Rapid-acting upon contact. Effective over a wide range of conditions; non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable.

Your simple and immediate response to chemical spills. Available in many other sizes and variations including

Available as:

FA324-0501-00EP - 500 Gram Granules Bag
FA324-0750-00EP - 750 Gram Granule Shaker
FA324-5001-00EP 5kg Bag Granules
FA324-5000-00EP - 5kg Pail Granules




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