CBRN Overboots and Gloves

CBRN Overboots and Gloves
CBRN OverbootsCBRN Gloves

CBRN Overboots provide more than 24-hour protection against chemical and biological warfare agents. Their smooth surface, special compound and design facilitates proper decontamination. The CBRN Overboots are easy to put on or take off and are designed to integrate with a wide range of protective clothing. They're offered in seven sizes from XSmall to XXXLarge, that cover primary footwear sizes 4 through 16. The low volume vacuum packaging assures optimized storing space and eases stowing. Used by NATO, its allies, and First Responders worldwide, the CBRN Overboot is the most widely used and user proven CBRN protective footwear in the world.


  • 24 hr protection from Chemical and Biological agents
  • Cleans up with soap and water
  • Shelf Life of 10 -15 years in original packaging

Available as:

ABB-2306-XL – CBRN AirBoss Overboots
ABB-2306-L – CBRN AirBoss Overboots
ABB-2306-XXL – CBRN AirBoss Overboots
ABB-2306-XXXL – CBRN AirBoss Overboots

Heavy duty AirBoss CBRN Gloves provide more than 24 hours protection against Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear warfare agents. Built with proprietary rubber compounds, these heavy-duty, molded AirBoss Gloves provide the longest protection in the industry. AirBoss CBRN Gloves meet the needs of firemen, Armed Forces and first responders who need protection from hazardous materials. The glove's special compound facilitates proper decontamination and provides excellent tactility and dexterity. The glove's round fingertips allow for optimal sensitivity and the textured finish on fingertips and palm create a superb grip. The AirBoss CBRN Glove comes with a unique liner that uses a material blend including "Coolmax", which provides improved comfort and sweat management. Snug wrists keep gloves firmly on hands.


  • Gloves have a 10 - 15 year shelf life
  • 24 Hr Protection against chemical and biological warfare agents
  • Impermeable to biological agents
  • Cleans with soap and water
  • Lightweight
  • Meets  or exceeds NFPA -1994-2007
  • Meets or exceeds EN 420, EN 388, EN 374-3

Available as:

ABG-9905-XL – CBRN AirBoss Gloves - Extra Large
ABG-9905-L – CBRN AirBoss Gloves - Large
ABG-9905-M – CBRN AirBoss Gloves - Medium
ABG-9905-S – CBRN AirBoss Gloves - Small


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