Biohazard Waste Container

Biohazard Waste Container

The removal of biohazardous waste is essential in any clinical setting. Without properly removing waste material, you can expose yourself and other staff members to coming into contact with unsafe material. All waste must be handled safely, secured appropriately and removed according to medical procedures. Any waste that is considered a threat to humans, whether the waste is tissue, blood products and fluids, human waste or body parts needs to be disposed of Biohazard waste containers offer safe, temporary collection of biological waste.

Justrite’s Biohazard Waste Containers meet OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030 for the segregation of infectious waste. They may be used to store contaminated laundry as well as other regulated waste. Not to be used for sharp materials or needles. Please see Sharps Containers for more information.

Sturdy steel can features:

  • Leakproof construction
  • Foot-operated, self-closing lid - closes quickly to reduce the risk of contamination.
  • Biohazard bag is held securely around the circumference of the can top
  • Kit includes three labels and instructions.

New SoundGard™ lid option offers a quiet close for those environments where it is desirable to lessen disruptive noise.

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