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Introducing the ENPAC® Bazooka®, with Imbiber Bead® technology! It is an automated shut off system that allows water drainage of containment berm applications. It also utilizes an innovative system for detection of Class I and II organics, such as diesel fuel. Water will continually drain through the filter, but in case of a spill within the berm (when an organic substance is detected) the Imbiber Bead® technology takes over and the flow is completely shut off. It is a virtually maintenance-free design with very simple upkeep.

  • Trickle filter allows water flow rate of 20 gallons per hour.
  • Unique Imbiber Bead® Imbicator pre-filter signals presence of organic substance with a distinct color change.
  • Imbiber Beads® inside capture the organic substance, and by doing so, shut off flow through the filter.
  • Absorbs and locks up to 2 liters of hydrocarbons.
  • Flat bottom to prevent rolling and movement.
  • Virtually maintenance free!

The kit contains all you need for an easy field installation of the ENPAC® Imbiber Bead® Bazooka®. It can be completed in just minutes!


External Diameter: 5 in
External Height: 16.5 in
Weight: 10 lbs


External Diameter: 5 in
External Height: 12 in
Weight: 8 lbs




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