Battery Acid Spill Kit

Battery Acid Spill Kit - Large
Battery Acid Spill Kit - Small

Battery Acid Spill Kits (BASK) are perfect for industrial plants, warehouses, forklift parking areas and battery storage/charging areas.  The Battery Acid Spill Kit should be placed strategically for quick response to leaked or spilled battery acid.

Available in:  (HazMat sorbents)

BASK-S - Battery Acid Spill Kit, Small (Absorption capacity is approximately 10 litres/2.6 USG).

This is an economical kit for small acid spills that occur during battery charging (5 batteries or less). Comes in a 23 litre (6 gal) poly pail with screw-top, gasketed lid.

10 - yellow (HazMat) sorbent pads
1 - 4' 
yellow (HazMat) sock
1 - yellow temporary disposal bag
1 - pair reusable nitrile gloves
1 - chemical splash goggle
1 - PVC apron
1 - pair booties
1 - collector pan w/brush
2 - 1 kg jars of ACX-4
(Vytac Absorbing Neutralizer in Powder format)
1 - 6 gal poly pail
1 - gamma seal lid

BASK-L - Battery Acid Spill Kit - Large (Absorption capacity is approximately 23 litres/6 USG).

This is a larger kit for acid spills during charging and changing. Comes in a 75.7 litre (20 gal) D.O.T/U.N. approved poly salvage drum complete with screw-on lid. Ideal for battery rooms where battery changes occur.

20 - yellow (HazMat) sorbent pads
2 - 4'  yellow (HazMat) socks
4 - yellow temporary disposal bags & ties
2 - pairs booties
1 - plug pattie, 10oz
2 - pairs reusable nitrile gloves
1 - chemical splash goggle
2 - PVC aprons
1 - collector pan w/brush
2 - 4 kg jugs of ACX-1 (Vytac Absorbing Neutralizer in Powder format)
1 - face shield w/ratchet headgear
1- 20 gal poly overpack (DOT/UN rated)

Spill Response: Apply VYTAC ACX to the spill, working from the outside to the center. The pink colour will disappear at first, but the mixture will turn permanently pink when sufficient ACX has been applied to completely neutralize the spill. To remove the residue, use absorbents or dispose of in accordance with local regulations. Caution: Wear suitable protective equipment when applying ACX.


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