AirHawk SCBA

AirHawk SCBA
AirHawk SCBAAirHawk SCBAAirHawk Mask

The AirHawk SCBA provides respiratory protection solutions for many varied industrial and environmentally hazardous applications.

A pressure demand apparatus designed to maintain a slight positive pressure of air inside the facepiece during inhalation and exhalation. Positive-pressure helps prevent contaminants from entering the facepiece, should there be small breaks in the face-to-facepiece seal. Already one of the most popular families of industrial SCBAs (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus) on the market today, MSA’s AirHawk MMR air mask, incorporates SCBA technologies available for industrial, agricultural, wastewater, HazMat and HVAC work. Offers lightweight, durability and comfort in an economical package. Designed with the user in mind, the AirHawk SCBA will go with you in the many applications that do not require NFPA-1981 compliance.

Major components: Ultra Elite Medium Facepiece, Carrier and Nylon Harness Assembly, Cylinder (Aluminum 30 minutes), First-Stage Regulator and Mask-Mounted Regulator.

Part #10043201

Electric Utility
General Industry
Hazardous Materials
Oil and Gas
Paper & Pulp

Confined Space
Oxygen Deficiency
Toxic Atmosphere - IDLH

Number Available: 2 NEW! Never used but older model.

PRICE: CA$525.00 ea. !!!

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