Air Matrix

Air Matrix Family - Oil Only
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This technology produces sorbents which are made from recycled synthetic fibers. Airmatrix offers a synthetic alternative to natural fiber products such as Coldform2. This is our fastest growing technology.

Thanks to unique manufacturing processes this sorbent has extremely high absorbency rates, while at the same time it is very soft and drapable. Laminated on both the top and bottom,Airmatrix has good strength and durability.

Air Matrix Oil, Universal and Hazmat sorbents are the sustainable option to Meltblown polypropylene as they are made from 85% recycled polypropylene and are generally more durable then Meltblown. They also feature a construction very similar to single-sided Meltblown. This combines the best features found in a laminated sorbent, (no lint & durable) while reducing the slip problem associated with double-sided laminated sorbents. These features make them a great sustainable polypropylene product.

The benefits of air-laid construction

  • Air-laid construction creates a consistent, extra strong, highly absorbent internal web structure.
  • Recycled synthetic fibers
  • Exceptional chemical resistance
  • Soft and drapable
  • Strength and durability


Air Matrix Laminated - White Oil-Only

  • Premium oil-only recycled synthetic
  • Double-sided laminate with a high-performance air-laid core between durable spun-bond top and bottom covers
  • Air-laid technology creates a consistent, extra-strong web structure
  • Resists water but absorbs oil-based fluids such as gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuel
  • Contains only high-value, high-quality recycled synthetic materials
  • Synthetic alternative to natural, oil-only ColdForm2™

1AMWPL - White Pad, Laminated, Heavy 16" x 18"
1AMWRL - White Roll, Laminated, Heavy 28" x 150'

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