9450B Remote Area Lighting System

The 9450B Remote Area Lighting System combines with our tough 1510 Case and 16 x 1 watt LED's mounted in an aluminum heat sink. All items are stored inside the case and assemble in minutes. The aluminum pole extends to a height of 83" to provide 1280 lumens of light for any area. The rechargeable battery has 9 hours of life at maximum output tailing off to low light level at hour 17. The diffuser (included) can be mounted to change the beam from a focused spot to a diffused beam.

  • Now RoHS compliant
  • Almost 10 lbs. lighter
  • New power panel
  • Booklet and reference card included
  • Battery status indicator lights
  • Pole storage located conveniently inside the base of the case

Available in black or orange.

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