900 Series Portable Cart

900 Series Portable Cart
900 Series Portable Cart900 Series Portable Cart

The Keco portable 900 series is built with the customer in mind. Assembled using all stainless steel hardware and a heavy duty marine grade aluminum frame, the 900 series is built to last. 9" stainless steel locking swivel casters and 18" pneumatic tires allow the 900 series to effortlessly move throughout your facility. The 900 series is a great way to offer boaters a quick and clean pump out, without the hassle of expensive plumbing. This 900 series has a tank overfill protector that automatically shuts the pump off when the tank is full, preventing messy mistakes.

The 900 series cart features 1.5 HP peristaltic pump. The pump itself comes with stainless steel frame, leak detection shutdown, and 13 GPM flow rate. This system offers a three position switch allowing it's users to fill and empty the onboard holding tank through a single hose and without having to turn any valves. With the ability to turn around in its own footprint, this cart is perfect for almost any size dock.

Suction Hose Info: All suction hoses are made from ethylene copolymer and are manufactured specifically for use in the marine environment. The hoses are capable of withstanding absolute vacuum and handle temperatures from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Hoses are available in lengths of 20-70 ft.

Control Options: A variety of operator control options (not shown) allow you to manage your pump effectively. If you need a specific control option, customize your pump to better accommodate your facility.

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