900 Peristaltic Trailer

225 Gal Trailer
225 Gal Trailer900 Peristaltic Trailer900 Peristaltic Trailer1025 Gal Trailer

Trailer units are ideal for marinas, RV parks, campgrounds, fuel docks, and industrial applications. DOT Approved trailer units are custom designed to your specifications. Polyethylene tanks up to 1,025 gallons are mounted onto single or double axle trailers. Depending on the application, trailer units can be powder coated or galvanized. All trailers include pre-wired lighting and allow for easy hook-up to tow vehicles.

Tank Sizes:

125 Gallon - 34" x 32" x 41" (tank dimensions), 68 lbs (empty tank)

225 Gallon - 41" x 38" x 49" (tank dimensions), 104 lbs (empty tank)

325 Gallon - 43" x 38" x 68" (tank dimensions), 124 lbs (empty tank)

525 Gallon - 53" x 49" x 71" (tank dimensions), 164 lbs (empty tank)

725 Gallon - 43" x 49" x 101" (tank dimensions), 243 lbs (empty tank)

1,025 Gallon - 54" x 49" x 139" (tank dimensions), 559 lbs (empty tank)

Suction Hose Info: All suction hoses are made from ethylene copolymer and are manufactured specifically for use in the marine environment. The hoses are capable of withstanding absolute vacuum and handle temperatures from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Hoses are available in lengths of 20-70 ft.

Control Options: A variety of operator control options allow you to manage your pump effectively. If you need a specific control option, customize your pump to better accommodate your facility.

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