Silt Control

Ultra-Pipe Sock

ultra pipe stock

Ultra-Pipe Sock controls the flow of sediment and oil out of headwall and other types of pipes.

Ultra-Dewatering Bag

Ultra Dewatering  Bag
Ultra Dewatering  BagUltra Dewatering  BagUltra Dewatering  BagUltra Dewatering  BagUltra Dewatering  Bag

Ultra Dewatering Bag detains both oil and sediment, offering a combination of benefits not available in alternative dewatering bags.

  • Standard and custom sizes available
  • Accommodates up to 6" discharge hose

Available in:

Silt Fence

silt fence
silt fence

Silt Fence is a temporary silt control device that helps prevent silt contamination of sensitive areas such as neighboring properties, streams, rivers, lakes and sewer catch basins. Silt Fence is constructed of woven geotextile fabric on wooden or steel posts; not designed to filter particles but to create a containment system to allow the deposition of particles.

Where to use:



Filtersoxx is used as a storm drain inlet protection by providing a physical barrier that reduces the rate at which sediment-laden water can enter the storm drain. The compost used in the Filtersoxx also provide additional filtration of chemicals and provides biological action to help break down other chemicals contained in the storm water runoff.

Dewatering Bag

dewatering bag

The Dewatering Bag is an affordable, single-use, sediment filter which helps construction managers comply with spill prevention, spill protection regulations and their Total Suspend Solids (TSS) permits.

Diversion Tube

Diversion Tubes
Diversion TubesDiversion Tubes

Flood control and flood protection, in the past, was accomplished by the labor intensive, logistically challenging process of sandbagging. The process of using sandbags to erect a flood barrier has become much easier with the use of the Diversion Tube. These water diverters are sandbag alternatives and are preferred by the environmentally minded and provide emergency flood control and storm water runoff control.

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