Oil Booms

Harbo Boom

The T-Fence is an oil spill first response system developed to immediately stop the spread of oil. It’s a lightweight boom that can be deployed by anyone in just 15 minutes as it requires no special equipment.

XBOOM Debris-Security-Oil Boom


The newest technology in oil/containment boom in the last 40 years!

ROC Oil Cling Pads™

ROC Oil Cling Pads are ideal to clean up spills of petroleum based hydrocarbon liquids anywhere – land or water.


ROC Oil Cling Pads can be stored easily. A package of 250 14" x 14" pads weighs less than 2lbs and is only 1" high.


Anchor Systems - Open Water

Anchor System
Anchor SystemAnchor SystemAnchor System

RME anchor systems offer the best way to secure boom and baffles in open water. The standard anchoring system includes:

ROC Barrier

ROC Barrier
ROC BarrierROC BarrierROC Barrier

The ROC Barrier is the first of its kind to be recycled with oil during the cleanup process.

Perma Boom

Perma Boom
Perma Boom

Perma Boom is the only choice for permanent installation in and around marine facilities.  Extremely rugged construction and excellent resistance to weathering provide years of reliable, low-cost service. This product is perfect for oil and debris containment and for exclusion of floating pollutants from sensitive facilities or areas.

Oil Boom Container

Oil Boom Container
Oil Boom ContainerOil Boom ContainerOil Boom ContainerOil Boom Container

Oil Boom Containers are designed to accommodate one reel fitted with 250m of  oil spill boom, one diesel / hydraulic power pack, back pack air blower, a set of tow bridles and a set of spare parts.


**For custom Oil Boom Containers, please contact us for specs.**


Offshore Containment Boom

8" x 12" Containment Boom

Inland & Nearshore Containment Boom

inland containment
inland containmentinland containment

Super Mini Boom

Boom Reel

Boom Reel

The Boom Reel is used for storage, transportation and deployment of reelable booms.  A hydraulic drive permits deployment and recovery of oil booms without intense manual labor. 

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