Waste Water Storage

Waste Water Bladder

Waste Water Bladders

Decontamination bladders and gray water tanks are ideal for the collection of decontamination cleaning agents, storm water runoff, and waste water storage. Portable gray water tanks provide the perfect solution for fire suppression activities and construction projects where non-potable water is needed. These portable waste water tanks or decontamination tanks are constructed using PVC fabrics and assembled with PVC fill and drain flanges.

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Econo Waste Water Bladder

Econo Waste Water Bladders

Econo Waste Water Bladders provide a collection solution for holding gray water, black water, decontamination cleaning agents, HazMat and other non-potable water. Waste water tanks are constructed using PVC fabrics and include a 1.5" PVC flange and ball valve with a 4" screw top port on capacities less than 2,000 gallons.

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