Drip Diverters

Ultra-Pipe Drip Diverter

Pipe Drip Diverter
Pipe Drip Diverter

Channel pipe leaks away from plant personnel and machinery .

  • Keep fluid leaks off the floor — eliminate slip hazards and chemical exposure.
  • Large 18” diameter opening captures overhead leaks, big and small.
  • Bottom fitting connects to a standard garden hose, allows fluids to be collected in a drum or tank.
  • Rugged, coated vinyl construction — ships complete with bungee cords and hooks for quick installation.



Ultra-Roof Drip Diverter

Roof Drip Diverter

Catch Roof Leaks And Divert Them Away From offices and Equipment.

  • Large, vinyl-coated fabric catches roof leaks and channels them to standard hose hook-up.
  • Hose can then be directed to proper drainage point.
  • Lightweight (10 oz.) material.
  • Heavy-duty grommets in each corner make installation quick and easy.



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