Overpacks/Salvage Drums

Poly-Top for Overpacks

2030-TARP2030-TARP6595-TARP1259-TARP and 1299-TARP

Poly-tops prevent the accumulation of water, snow, dirt and debris on overpack lids while protecting overpacks against weathering and long-term UV degradation.



Versatile Ultra-Overpacks offer the highest UN and DOT certification available.


Spill Pal
Spill Pal

The flexible-sidewall Spillpal line is the easiest to use and the most affordable hazardous material storage product. Spillpal provides incidental spill control during temporary storage of drums, machine parts, tanks and generators and can also be used as a wash down pad or pumping station.

Poly-Overpack Salvage Drum

Poly-OverpacksOverpack featuresWheeled Over-Pack 50Wheeled Over-Pack 95

The Poly-Overpack Salvage Drum is the safe and economical solution for the transportation and temporary storage of damaged or leaking drums of hazardous materials. Rugged, 100% UV-protected polyethylene provides protection over a wide range of chemicals including solvents, acids, poisons and explosives. Perfect for emergency response, contamination site cleanup, and spill control kits.

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