Rocky Mountain Environmental has been proudly serving the emergency spill response industry since 1996.

We supply industry and government with the necessary spill kits and spill response products to effectively deal with hazardous materials incidents. Additionally, Rocky Mountain Environmental provides its customers with secondary containment solutions in poly, steel or flexible portable berm systems.

Our custom designed spill kits are in use around the world by many industry leaders in aviation, marine, and the resource sectors. All of our spill response and absorbent products are of the highest quality and can be found under the Spill Response tab in the Products section.

Whether you choose our standard oil or chemical spill response kits and absorbents or require our assistance to custom design your own spill kit using the latest generation of recycled absorbents, our staff will help you to meet your requirements.

Rocky Mountain Environmental is committed to providing 24-hour, 365 days-a-year emergency spill response service to our clients worldwide. After hours assistance is immediately available, with staff on call to provide service in the event of a spill emergency. 

News Release

New regulations in effect to improve spill response

Transporters of liquid petroleum products in British Columbia now will need to have provincial plans in place to manage a spill.

The new regulations requiring spill preparedness apply to pipelines, as well as rail and trucking operations transporting over 10,000 litres.

The regulations extend liability for full cost of response and recovery to a combination of both the owner as well as the transporter of the substance.

Transporters will be required to have contingency plans in place before product is moved, and anyone who causes a spill can now be directed by the Province to develop and implement a recovery plan. Recovery plans outline the work that is required following the initial response to an incident to ensure environmental damage is fully addressed.

Spill response legislation to establish new requirements and create new offences and penalties was passed in 2016. This first set of new regulations passed by the current government activates that legislation, and contains provisions that:

  • define “regulated persons” as pipeline, rail and trucking transporters of liquid petroleum products over 10,000 litres;
  • require the development and implementation of spill contingency plans;
  • define requirements for drills and exercises;
  • mandate record-keeping for spill preparedness and response;
  • require enhanced reporting and set additional cost recovery mechanisms; and
  • enable government to require plans for recovery.

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Do You Have

Current, effective, written Spill Response Procedures and/or a Plan?

Appropriate Spill Response Resources such as Spill Kits?

Suitably trained personnel?

It’s the LAW!

Both BC Ministry of Environment and WorkSafe BC demand it!

Rocky Mountain Environmental can assist you with:

- Developing or updating your written spill response procedures

- Supplying Spill Kits/equipment appropriate to the products you handle

- Training your personnel in spill response

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In flood season, be sure you have your GoBagger handy!

Flood season in BC and across Canada can take a heavy toll. It’s never too late to order the GoBagger sandbag filling tool to assist in the preparation of the many sand bags needed to save homes, properties and businesses. Be prepared ahead of time. This portable tool is 5x faster than traditional shoveling methods.

Follow this link for information and a short video of the GoBagger sandbag filling tool in action: http://spilldepot.com/content/gobagger

Emergency Response Guidebooks

The Emergency Response Guide (ERG) can help you satisfy Transport Canada's/ the US Department of Transportation's requirement that hazardous materials shipments be accompanied by emergency response information (49 CFR 172.602).

Numerically indexed and colour coded, the DOT Emergency Response Guidebook helps emergency responders find vital information fast. It's also a great tool to aid in emergency preparedness, planning, and training – for drivers and non-drivers alike. Note: The guides are not updated every year unless a significant change(s) occur.

Place your order now and the ERGs will be shipped the next business day.

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