New EPA regulations for the dechlorination of water prior  to flushing into streams, lakes and ground water has prompted the industry to find safer and more environmentally conscious methods of dechlorination. Vita-D-Chlor is the answer to that need.

Vita-D-Chlor is a more environmentally conscious method of dechlorination than traditional sulfur-based chemicals. Unlike sulfur-based compounds, this product is not toxic to humans or animals, nor does it deplete oxygen in treated water. Key benefits are enhanced environmental protection, operator safety and public acceptance.

Vita-D-Chlor provides a safe and effective means of complying with EPA regulations for the dechlorination of water prior to flushing into streams, lakes and groundwater. A number of dechlorination systems are available for use with Vita-D-Chlor to effectively and instantaneously remove chlorine without causing environmental problems.


Vita-D-Chlor provides a solution to a variety of dechlorination requirements.

• Hydrant flushing
• Water main installations and maintenance
• Reservoir overflow
• Fire flow testing
• Filter backwash
• Permit compliance
• Reservoir and tank draining and cleaning
• Well cleaning
• Highly chlorinated water release to wastewater treatment plant

Available as:

Vita-D-Chlor - Granular
V322.50.40 - 2.5 kg
V322.50.50 - 12 kg
V322.50.65 - 25 kg

Vita-D-Chlor - Neutral
V333.50.40 - 2.5 kg
V333.50.50 - 12 kg
V333.50.65 - 25 kg

Vita-D-Chlor - Tablets
V325.50.06T - 6 Tablets
V325.50.20T - 20 Tablets
V325.50.40T - 40 Tablets
V325.50.140T - 140 Tablets

Vita-D-Chlor - Slo Tabs
V324.50.06T - 6 Slo-Tabs
V324.50.20T - 20 Slo-Tabs
V324.50.40T - 40 Slo-Tabs
V324.50.140T - 140 Slo-Tabs


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